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Interested in becoming a contributor to Tetra Images?
Tetra Images is a stock network representing an elite group of professional stock photographers. It markets Royalty Free images through one of the strongest agency networks in the world, including Getty, Corbis, Masterfile, Alamy, Mauritius, and many others on all continents.  Tetra provides its RF contributors a royalty rate of 40%. Coupled with its extremely wide distribution, this results in some of the highest photographer earnings possible in the traditional stock photography marketplace.  Although we handle a wide range of subject categories, Tetra Images is recognized as the RF source for commercially relevant imagery with strong conceptual themes.  We are seeking new contributors who can re-imagine key advertising concepts with a fresh twist

Tetra was founded by veteran stock photographer, Tom Grill, as a place for photographers to have the widest distribution coupled with high royalty returns. Prior to founding Tetra Images, Tom was founder and principle photographer for Comstock for over twenty years. His vast experience on both the business and contributor side of the agency equation is the main reason for the high success of the Tetra brand. Photographers who join the Tetra team can expect experienced guidance from a team of creative and business professionals that is second to none in the world. At Tetra we are committed to producing the best selling stock images in the world -- period. If you think you would qualify for inclusion in the Tetra contributor roster, you can email us at: contributor@tetraimages.com.

Contributor Image Requirements:

Final images must be produced on professional digital cameras with a minimum of 12 megapixels. Finished files have to be 50mb TIF files with 8-bits per channel at 300ppi, and processed in Adobe 1998 color space. High resolution scans from larger format film are acceptable and must fulfill the same requirements. All final images must be fully retouched, color-corrected, and dust-free. There should be no artifacting such as posterization, color fringing, or noise.

Image submission for review:

If you would like to join the Tetra photographer contributor team, you can contact contributor@tetraimages.com. Review images can be lower resolution jpg files (a maximum of 1024 pixels on the long side) at 72ppi. Include 20-50 images for review and submit them in any of the following formats:

  - Provide a URL to your web site portfolio
  - Upload a web gallery and email us the link
  - Email a downloadable link of a self-opening, compressed container file of your images

After review of your submission we will contact you by email to let you know how to proceed. Thanks for considering Tetra Images